I created the YouTube channel Dusty Clouds for the purpose of recording my modular synth jams and to share tips & tricks I discover along the way. A way to seal in time tunes and sounds I discover, without the need to restrain them into the widely acceptable music structure formats.

I used to record my videos with my phone and then edit them in iMovie. Now I am using a Canon M50 to record and the free version of DaVinci Resolve to edit. I usually record the audio using one of three ways.

  • The first one is connecting my modular system directly into the Zoom H4n Pro line ins. I record in 4 channels mode. In this mode the H4n Pro will record the L and R of the line ins as well as the L and R microphones. This way I can clap my hands in camera frame (and at the same time record the sound of it) to sync video and audio easier later on. 
  • The second way is to use the Expert Sleepers ES-3, ES-6, ES-7 combo. I connect these modules into my RME Digiface USB audio interface via optical cables along with an M-Audio Profire 2626 which is connected to the RME in the same manner. I then mix the modular inputs using the RME TotalMix and direct the master out to a Profire’s stereo pair, line outs 7 & 8 for example. From there I connect these outs directly into the line ins of the H4n Pro and proceed recording.
  • The third method is by using the Expert Sleepers combo again, but this time I root all their ins and outs into Ableton Live. From there I can record each mono or stereo pair into their own track, mix them, apply EQ, compression or other effects and simply record them in the arrangement view. Then I export the audio from Live and it’s ready to be imported into my video editing app.