Dusty Clouds - SEALEGS


Dusty Clouds SEALEGS

In this form you can submit your info and join the waiting list for our upcoming alternative panel of Intellijel’s new awesome delay module, Sealegs. The panel has the same specs as our Quadrax panel. It’s a multi colored digitally printed aluminium panel. The only difference is the thickness that is now 1,5mm instead of 2mm for better fitting. 

The batch is very limited and its not sure if there will be another one.

This illustration is a demonstration of the final product, although some minor changes might occur. 

(ModularGrid: https://www.modulargrid.net/e/other-unknown-dusty-clouds-sealegs-dark-aluminium-panel )

*Delivery time // Estimated sometime early December ’23 but it can be earlier or later than that. Unfortunately it’s something that is entirely depended on the manufacturing process and out of our control. You will get notified via email when the panels are ready for shipping. The payment will be completed through PayPal.