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This is an alternative black & gold panel for the eurorack module ALM – Pamela’s NEW Workout. A lot of people including my self choose mainly black panels, but this module only came out in black at an extremely limited quantity and only sold from ALM’s physical store. The earnings from those black panel modules were given for a noble cause. It was a remarkably generous move from ALM, but I still needed a black panel for my Pamela’s. 

I searched and found a couple of third party alternative black panels but they didn’t match my aesthetics, so I created my own. I didn’t want to go crazy with the design, ALM’s minimal panel design is appealing to me anyway. 

PNW is a colourful module, I didn’t like that, so I wanted to replace more parts. I found an alternative black tactile switch cap which looks nice but I have to admit with the exposed cooper and all, the original yellow one looks cool as well. Moving on I really had to replace the blue color from the encoder knob. I wasn’t able to find a replacement cap for the existing one, so I replaced it with a similar one topped with a black cap. 

GLASS fusion

The next part was not an easy one. I discovered that the module’s screen was in fact white, and there was a red acrylic protector in front of it that gave the displayed characters their red color. So the next logical step was to create alternative acrylic protectors of different colours, right? And that’s exactly what I did, I designed the part in Fusion 360 and manufactured the transparent acrylic protectors to offer them as part of the makeover kit.

PNW Black Panel
Pamela's NW-2D-with-components

I offer these as a make over kit, not individually.  Every kit includes the black panel, black tactile switch cap, black encoder knob and a replacement acrylic screen protector. I used to offer 4 colours, white (transparent), amber, green and deep blue. Due to popular preference I now only offer the white (transparent) one which is the brightest and most clear to read of them all. Of course you can always install the red one that came with your module.

*Panel installation tips* When you uninstall the original PNW panel be careful, the acrylic screen cover might fall because it is attached to the panel, not secured to it . The acrylic is basically sandwiched between the screen and the panel, and secured when the jack nuts are tightened. Use a pair of small pliers and microfibre cloth to unscrew the jack nuts. Place the cloth between the tool and the jack nut to protect the original panel from scratches.

**Disclaimer | Before you buy** This is not an official ALM Busy Circuits product. You are fully responsible for any damage you cause to your module, other gear or your self while handling, installing or using the parts that I offer.  There are many through hole parts on the module that are soldered in a way that may lead to small center point offsets from one module to another. The panels are made with a margin at the holes to make it easier for you to install them, but again, be careful. I take no responsibility if you can’t install your panels for any reason, but I am willing to help guide you if you ask me. The panels are made of FR-4 so there will be minor imperfections on the silk screen, or the solder mask, the holes, the cuts etc.. In fact, it’s really rare for a PCB panel not to have imperfections. This has to do with the manufacturing process and the materials that are used.

Notes from ALM:

– When removing the existing panel if care is not taken it easy to snap off an LED top.
– The screen assembly is very fragile and should be handled with care as can easily be broken (avoid touching ribbon cable). It is also strongly advised that people keep the screen insert in place.
– The jack nuts are custom and require a custom unique tool to remove easily. It can be done with pliers but care should be taken not to scratch the panel.
–  Replacing the panel and/or performing any modifications to the unit will VOID THE WARRANTY. If something gets broken a repair is not cheap.