HP: 12



This is an alternative matte black & gold panel for the Mutable Instruments Plaits macro oscillator module.

Right before Mutable Instruments closes for good, Émilie gave us one last gift, a new firmware for Plaits which expanded the module even further by adding 8 additional synthesis models with the total number now reaching 24. At this point the module is an exploration heaven, at least for me. This is why I chose to ignore the icons or adding new ones, I found it would be too much information on a limited space for no good reason. To enable the new firmware you need to short press the two buttons simultaneously. Its not hard to remember this and you will probably do it once and forget about it, but I wanted to freeze this moment in time, specifically the year 2022 when this firmware was released and M.I. closed for good. This is why I added the text ” ’22 ” between those buttons.

PLAITS without components
PLAITS with components

**Disclaimer | Before you buy** This is not an official Mutable Instruments product. You are fully responsible for any damage you cause to your module, other gear or your self while handling, installing or using the parts that I offer. There are many through hole parts on the module that are soldered in a way that may lead to small center point offsets from one module to another. The panels are made with a margin at the holes to make it easier for you to install them, but again, be careful. I take no responsibility if you can’t install your panels for any reason, but I am willing to help guide you if you ask me. The panels are made of FR-4 so there will be minor imperfections on the silk screen, or the solder mask, the holes, the cuts etc.. In fact, it’s really rare for a PCB panel not to have imperfections. This has to do with the manufacturing process and the materials that are used.