What are the panels made of?

– Most of the panels are made of FR-4, manufactured as high quality PCBs with ENIG-RoHS surface finish. This finish makes them more durable and also adds a thin layer of gold to protect the PCB from oxidation.

Do you take commissions?

– The initial cost of buying the module(s), measuring, designing, manufacturing and shipping is too great, thus we decided not to accept custom jobs.

What is the delivery time for my package?

– Delivery times via UPS are usually between 1-8 business days. 

Shipping costs seems high, why is that?

– Due to extreme delays & poor service, we decided to ditch the Post Office for UPS courier. That means fast delivery times and reliable service. The shipping costs are higher for most countries but we decided to absorb part of that cost in order to keep it as low as possible, hoping for a better deal with the courier service in the future. 

Combined shipping is still enabled on our Reverb.com shop. That means no matter the quantity you order you only get charged one shipping cost automatically.

How much time you need to prepare and ship my package?

– We usually dispatch new orders in 1-2 business days.

Do I get a tracking number for my package?

– Absolutely, your tracking info will be updated in your Reverb.com orders page.

// 18 JAN 2022 //

–  Planar KIT is back in stock!

// 27 NOV 2021 //

–  Noise Tools 1U & Zeroscope 1U panels are now available at our shop along with 1U blanks!

// 6 NOV 2021 //

–  6 NEW 1U panels for Intellijel modules are available at our shop!

// 23 SEP 2021 //

–  8 NEW 1U panels for Intellijel modules are available at our shop!

// 19 SEP 2021 //

–  Our Reverb.com shop has reopened!

// 8 SEP 2021 //

–  Our Reverb.com shop will be closed for a few days. See you next week!