Clouds white

This is an alternative black & gold panel for the Mutable Instruments Clouds texture synthesizer. Émilie Gillet graciously provided the schematics and design files of the PCB and UI to the community, and although there are many alternative panels out there for this legendary module, I wanted to honour it by designing my own version.

BEADS is the successor to CLOUDS and I already designed a panel for it when it became available, so I wanted the style of this one to match. I used the same rectangular gold parts with the inverted “text”, as well as the same font and the outputs “frame”.

CLOUDS panel without components
CLOUDS panel with components

**Disclaimer | Before you buy** This is not an official Mutable Instruments product. You are fully responsible for any damage you cause to your module, other gear or your self while handling, installing or using the parts that I offer. This panel is designed using the dimensions found on the original files that Mutable Instruments provided. That means that it will fit perfectly on the original Clouds module, but I cannot guarantee that it will fit at all on the various DIY versions. I take no responsibility if you can’t install your panels for any reason, but I am willing to help guide you if you ask me. The panels are made of PCB so there will be minor imperfections on the silk screen, or the solder mask, the holes, the cuts etc.. In fact, it’s really rare for a PCB panel not to have imperfections. This has to do with the manufacturing process and the materials that are used.

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